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Township Cultural Tour

Let’s talk about history, culture, politics, economic issues, current and future of the general life of the township people.
Sam’s Cultural Township Tour is run by either Sam himself or by his knowledgeable tourguides, all of whom live in the townships. The groups are small and allows for lots of interaction with local residents.
The tour starts with a drive through the Bo-Kaap, then continues on to visit the District Six museum, looking at issues of forced removals. The museum has interesting information, historical pictures and displays.
After this you head off to the townships, where the first stop is at a shebeen (township pub run from a home) in Langa. Shebeens are usually run by women, offering traditional homemade sorghum beer (Umqombothi).
We visit a hostel, which used to be living quarters for migrant workers; a sangoma or traditional healer / witchdoctor before heading to Khayelitsha via Gugulethu Township.
After a visit to a pre-school in Crossroads, which was built primarily from proceeds of Sam’s Tours, we visit a carpet-weaving women’s project in Khayelitsha, where the workers get a large profit of the items they make.
Tours run twice a day, 7 days a week, departing around 9am and 2pm daily.
On Sundays the tour visits a church where you will attend a service, instead of the District Six Museum.
Price: ZAR430.00

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