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Tandem is the way to go if you want the ultimate joy-ride or if you’re unsure about skydiving, and want to try it out before committing to a full course. Experience the thrill of freefall. On a tandem jump, you are strapped to a Tandem Instructor with a special harness that’s attached to a specially-designed parachute large enough to support both of you. A tandem jump requires only 15 minutes of ground training. After that, it’s a spectacular 20 minute aircraft ride, enjoying the finest views of Cape Town, Robben Island and Table Mountain. Then it’s out the door for a 120mph/200kph freefall together, falling about 25 seconds from 9,000ft or for 35 seconds from 11,000ft. The Tandem Instructor then opens the parachute, and a peaceful 3-4 minute parachute ride follows.

If you’d like to capture the moment, the club has a video cameraman who can accompany you on your jump.
A tandem jump requires that you’re in general good health. The maximum weight for a tandem passenger is 105kg , heavier persons at the discretion of the Tandem Instructor. Parental consent is required for jumpers under the age of 21.

Price: ZAR1450.00 (Includes ground instruction by qualified tandem master, Tandem Master’s Fee, scenic aircraft ride, use of equipment, packing fee, certificate)

Transport is available for around ZAR300.00p/p return.

Capture this unforgettable moment on DVD for ZAR500.00

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